The Mackenzie Shared Vision Forum


This is the homepage for the Mackenzie Agreement, a landmark document developed by collaboration with farmers, environmentalists, tourism operators, businesses, and the wider Upper Waitaki community over the past two years. It sets out a vision and framework to protect special values and boost businesses across of New Zealand's most iconic and hotly-contested landscapes - the Mackenzie Country. The challenge for the Mackenzie Country has been to reconcile outstanding national landscape and biodiversity values with the need for local communities to maintain and develop their sources of livelihood.

The Mackenzie Agreement, which is available for viewing and download on this website, is the work of 22 separate organisations working together to find a consensus on the way forward. This is one of the first wide-scale uses and outcomes for the collaborative process in New Zealand.

This website, and the public launch of the Agreement, have been kindly sponsored by Genesis Energy Ltd, operators of the Tekapo hydroelectric scheme.

The launch of the Agreement has received significant media coverage, some of which is linked on the comments section of this site

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